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Whether you’re undergoing a small renovation or a complete remodel, the first step should be planning and design. A well-thought-out and detailed plan is a must for any renovation, but it’s especially important during a kitchen renovation. We have the experience and expertise to help you plan and design a kitchen that is both functional and beautiful.

Typical Kitchen Layouts Found in Halifax

For the last few decades, most kitchen designs have been based on three standard layouts: The U-shaped kitchen, the L-shaped kitchen, and the galley kitchen. All three of these layouts make great use of the classic work triangle concept. The work triangle concept positions the three major kitchen components (refrigerator, stove, and sink) in a triangular pattern for optimal accessibility.

Those layouts were determined to be the most efficient in the 1950’s, after a research study on kitchen usage showed that it was used mostly by women during that period who:

  • Stayed home during the day
  • Worked alone in the kitchen
  • Cooked most foods from scratch
  • Needed storage space for about 400 items

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